Reality is an illusion

doodled this trash up:)
Your blog is amazing! I'm so glad my sister showed me it. I love literally everything you post!
+ queenofthebeasties

Aww!! Really?
Thanks *__* You make me so happy~~~ <3
Your icon is amazing I love this picture!
Dylan and Cecil are so cute and dorks *_*

Cute Carlos &lt;3
I hate when people uses pictures without permission and fanfiction and stuff. So, can I use your holding pinkies image for a fanfiction? I mean, as a cover. Pleaaase it's so cute, I dont have tumblr, but the name of the FF is "Dame una descarga de mentiras", thank you! I will give credits. Sorry4myenglishhahah love ur art!
+ Anonymous

AWWWWW Of course *_*
Por supuesto que puedes usarla, qué honor >///<
Eres de habla hispana :) ¡Que bien!
Creo que te acabas de ganar una lectora acérrima. 


Words of Emotion
Paperman Redraw.Cecilos version~~~~